Keen on the necessities of the less fortunate, I have always tried to organise initiatives for their support.

Among my activities in that regard, I take part in different Associations as: BAMBI.NI INSIEME FOUNDATION, City Angels Italia Onlus, Ascolta e Vivi Onlus, Fondazione ASM Onlus, Fondazione MIA – Milan in Action.

I well remember my effort in the creation of the Voluntary Unit within the National Association of Carabinieri, in fund raising with the Associazione Milano Young for the people affected by the tsunami and in the constant combination between events and charity initiatives.

Over the years I have been involved with several associations: Unicef, Atlha, Telefono Azzurro, AIRC, Ospedale Pediatrico Buzzi, Areco (Associazione per la Ricerca Europea in Chirurgia Oncologica – Onlus), Fondazione Italiana “Leonardo Giambrone”per la Guarigione dalla Thalassemia, Comunità Exodus di don Antonio Mazzi, Associazione “Borse di studio Matteo Cavenaghi”, Centro Medico San Patrignano per i giovani affetti da HIV, Associazione Aiutare i Bambini, Fondazione Terry fox, Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori, Fondazione “Champions for Children”, Associazione Ascolta e Vivi.

Since 13th January 2007 I activated , in cooperation with AMSA, a collection of trainers or comfy shoes to be delivered to the people in Kabul who have tragically been injured by mines and live, now, with prosthesis.

I have been to Kabul, from 5th to 9th February 2007, together with the people of the International Relations and the off-center cooperation of the Milan Municipality of AMSA and ATM, to deliver the first bulk of shoes to the Hospital for orthopedic rehabilitation Alberto Cairo, also for closing operational and logistic agreements relevant to the supply of buses and waste compaction, all in discard, donated by the Municipality of Milan to the city of Kabul.

In October 2007, together with the “Champions for Children” Foundation, chaired by the footballer Clarence Seedorf, I promoted the initiative “In corsa per la vita” to contribute in the realisation of a ward for neonatal respiratory distress in the Hospital “Academisch Ziekenhuis” in Suriname.

The 4th of November I won the bet I had with myself crossing the finishing line of the New York City Marathon and, thanks to the support of my friends, such as, among others, Saverio Moschillo, Belstaff, Lidia Cardinale, Gilli, the National Chamber for Italian Fashion and the Union Trade of Milan, I was able to offer a real help to the children of Suriname.

The same month I arranged a delivery of school equipment for the children of Naqoura, in Lebanon. I then gave a start to an important cooperation with the Italian Army engaged in a peacekeeping mission in the district of Surobi, near Kabul, by organizing a collection of first aid materials for the Afghan population.