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Nasce il Comitato "Lombardia la Moda"
Legge Regionale sulla Competitività

President of the Regional Committee “Lombardy for Fashion”

On 10 May 2007 the President of Lombardy Roberto Formigoni and the then Regional Councillor for Industry, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, and Cooperation Massimo Corsaro installed the committee “Lombardy for Fashion” at the Palazzo Pirelli. This Committee was strong of the presence in its ranks of major entrepreneurs, like Santo Versace, Pierluigi Loro Piana, Paolo Zegna and the most important members of Filiera Moda Lombarda e Nazionale, such as Giuseppe Modenese (Honorary President of Camera della Moda Nazionale) and Renato Borghi (President of Ascomoda).

Fashion is the only sector in which Italy is number one in the whole world – said the president Giovanni Bozzetti on that occasion – the fashion and textiles-clothing sector invoices 70 bn euros a year, 40 of which are destined for export, and consists of 70.000-odd companies employing more than 850.000 people. Hence the choice of investing 75 mln euros over three years in a Committee whose task is to change the public’s opinion with regard to Fashion, from an exclusive macro-sector limited to catwalks to what it really is, in other words one of the oldest and more productive sectors. Fashion is not ephemeral, but it means culture, art and the main engine of economic development of our territory.

In this respect, a valid help is constantly given by the regional law on competitiveness, entered into force in January 2007: a measure which reconsiders completely the way the Region communicates with companies.


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