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Inaugurazione cantieri di Pedemontana


Convenzione realizzazione di quattro nuovi ospedali
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Conclusione lavori Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi


Accordo per la tutela della legalità nella filiera degli appalti di edilizia pubblica
Avviati i lavori di BreBeMi
Accordo per la realizzazione dell’Autostrada Pedemontana Lombarda


Presidente del Consiglio di Gestione di Infrastrutture Lombarde S.p.A.

President of the Management Board of Infrastrutture Lombarde s.p.a.

I was President of the Management Board of Infrastrutture Lombarde spa, a Regione Lombardia subsidiary company and a strategic instrument of regional intervention for the requalification, promotion, and development of the infrastructure equipment of Regione Lombardia and its property real estate. I held the office from December 2006 to June 2012.

Healthcare, infrastructure, network infrastructure, estate promotion, management: these are the main fields of action in which Infrastrutture Lombarde operates, currently managing a portfolio of projects for 4,5 bn Euros. As far as works of regional interest are concerned, Infrastruttue Lombarde mainly plays the role of contracting authority and is responsible for all the activities of Project & Construction Management during the designing phases and the whole implementation stage. Furthermore, it manages alienation and promotion activities of real estate and provides property and facility management services.

In 2008, Infrastrutture Lombarde completed the restoration and renovation of Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi and the garage located at Fabio Filzi street, and the preservative restoration of the 31st floor of Palazzo Pirelli, in Milan.

Between December 2009 and January 2010 it finished, besides Palazzo Lombardia, the new headquarters of the regional government, the new Como, Legnano, and Vimercate hospitals, the new ward of the hospital Niguarda Ca’ Granda in Milan and those of the Busto Arsizio hospital unit. Those structures, realised in three years compared to the national average of seven, will contribute not only to the improvement of the life of Lombard citizens, but also the social and economic development of the territory.

Infrastrutture Lombarde is currently involved in projects of great importance, among them the new motorways Cremona-Mantova and Broni-Mortara, the access roads to the Expo area, the new Garbagnate Milanese hospital and the restoration and renovation of twenty hospital units positioned all over the Lombard territory. Furthermore, the company is involved in the requalification and promotion process of the former Manifatturiera Tabacchi in Milan and the Villa Reale in Monza. In December 2010 the company signed an agreement with Regione Calabria and its President, as Delegate Commissioner for the social, economic, and healthcare emergency in order to guarantee assistance in the realisation of project finance transaction for four new hospitals. Moreover, it signed an agreement with Expo 2015 s.p.a. for support and assistance activities aimed at helping the Responsible Officer in executing procedures and open tendering for the realisation of the 2015 Universal Exposition site.

In July 2009 Infrastrutture Lombarde signed a Memorandum of Understanding – which I strongly wanted – with the Prefecture of Milan, Assimpredil Ance, and Regione Lombardia to protect the law in the tender industry for public housing. With such protocol the signers commit to promoting transparent and conscientious procedures in the tender industry in order to guarantee free competition in a licit environment and, along with the institutionally appointed authorities, to supervise rigidly and thoroughly, ensuring a full and unconditional respect of the law with regard to labour, safety at work, and contributory and insurance regularity.

On 19th February 2007 Regione Lombardia and the Ministry for Infrastructure signed the Memorandum of Understanding which declared the birth of C.A.L., Concessioni Autostradali Lombarde s.p.a. (50% Infrastrutture Lombarde and 50% Anas), to which the functions of delegated entity were transferred for the realisation of the motorway Pedemontana Lombarda, Brescia-Bergamo-Milano, and the orbital road Tangenziale Est sterna di Milano, three strategic works whose aggregate value exceeds 7 bn Euros.

In July 2009 work for the BreBeMi motorway started, while in February 2011 the Pedemontana construction site was inaugurated.

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