In my daily commitment as citizen, entrepreneur, manager, and professor, I’m a man strongly motivated to boost a cultural change contributing to the promotion of the excellencies of our Country.

I was born in Soresina (Cr) on 6th April, 1967, and I graduated from the Istituto Gonzaga of Milan, in July 1986, gaining a secondary school leaving certificate in scientific studies.

I graduated with a first class degree in business studies from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan in December 1992, specializing in “business management” with a dissertation on “management and accounting of public organizations” titled “IRI management as rationalisation of the cost burden”.

After fulfilling my military service in the Carbinieri corps and extremely grateful for such a formative experience, I founded the Segrate Section of the National Association of Carabinieri, holding the office of President for ten years.

I have been involved in my environmental and electromechanical family business from February 1993 to April 2017 as general manager and board member.

In June 1993 I was nominated Organiser of the National Association of Carabinieri of the Province of Milan, while in 2000 I founded the Provincial Federation of the said association – Volunteering Unit.

In June 1996 I was elected member of the City Council of Segrate, an office I shortly after resigned to become Deputy Mayor until the end of the mandate in April 2000. I was then re-elected Council Member and reconfirmed Deputy Mayor until July 2001, when I was offered an administrative office by the City Council of Milan. During the five years as Deputy Mayor of Segrate I was assigned duties concerning Environment, Security, and Road and I was National Councelor for A.N.C.A.I. (National Association of Italian Municipalities Airport).

From December 1999 to January 2002 I was board member of A.R.P.A. Lombardia and in October 2001 I was nominated member of the Department of Environment and Energy – ANCI Lombardia.

From June 2001 to June 2006 I held the office of council member of the Municipality of Milan with assignments regarding Fashion, Tourism, Leisure, Urban Marketing, International Relations, Twinning and Collaboration, Fairs and Law.

In June 2002 I was nominated National Director of Sports for ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities).

In June 2006 I was nominated Council Member of the city hall Palazzo Marino (Milan), an office I held until May 2011.

I was President of the Board of Directors of Infrastrutture Lombarde spa, a Regione Lombardia subsidiary company, from December 2006 to June 2012.

In 2006 I was honoured with the Ambrogino d’Oro – Civic Merit of the City of Milan – being credited for carrying out and organising events for the Municipality of Milan, with significant containments in public spending thanks to the launch of synergies between the Public and the Private sector.

I was President of the Regional Committee “Lombardia per la Moda” (Lombardy for Fashion) from May 2007 to May 2009.

In December 2009 I was nominated, with a Ministerial Decree, Councilor of the Ministry of Defence. I held the office until November 2011.

From May 2010 to September 2012 I was Associate Professor of “Valorizzazione urbana e grandi eventi” (Territorial Marketing and Urban Valorisation) at the department of Economy and Business.

In May 2010 I was elected President of Evolution Vision Advisory srl, a company involved in the Communications Sector and in Business Services, holding the office until October 2012.

From June 2010 to December 2011 I partook of the Committee of Guarantors for the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Italian unification, established with the Prime Minister’s Decree.

In February 2011 I took on the assignment of Vice President of Difesa Servizi spa, a Ministry of Defence subsidiary company. I held the office until July 2014.

I was member of A.N.C.A. (National Association of Environmental Consultant), A.A.A. (Association of Environmental Analysts) and U.C.I.D. (Christian Union of Entrepreneurs and Directors) for several years.

I have been President of Green Up Scarl, a consortium operating in foreign markets in the Environmental Remediation sector, since April 2011.

In February 2012 I was elected President of the board of directors of Osprey Italia srl Global Solutions, Italian branch of an American multinational corporation giving specialized assistance in case of natural disaster and industrial fire, and active in the security and business intelligence sector. I held the office until July 2013.

In March 2012 I founded Efg Consulting srl, a strategy consulting firm focused on business and territorial marketing, communications and public relations, and internationalization.

From October 2012 to March 2013 I held the office of Assessor of Lombardy for Tourism, Commerce, Services and Territorial Marketing. In the same period I was Member of the Surveillance Board of Infrastrutture spa, a Regione Lombardia subsidiary company, involved in the realization of infrastructures and public works.

During the academic year 2012/2013 I was Professor of Museum Marketing for the Master’s Degree in Museum Studies at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan.

I have been Professor of “Cultural Tourism and Land Development” for the Master’s Degree course “Economics and Management of Art, Culture and Entertainment” at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan since September 2013.

From September 2013 to June 2016 I was Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy President of Kinexia spa, a financial holding company listed on the Milan stock exchange, with subsidiaries active in the sustainable energy and environment fields.

I have been member of the board of directors of Willis Towers Watson from January 2015 to May 2017. This is a leading global risk advisor, insurance and reinsurance broker, working in 120 Countries with more than 40 billion US$ of allocated bonuses and 18.000 employees (400 in Italy).

I have been Senior Consultant Advisory Board of Banca Esperia spa, the Private Banking Boutique of Mediobanca and Mediolanum, since March 2015. It is focused on Financial Advisory, Investment Solutions, Wealth Planning, Corporate & Real Estate advisory.

I have been Vice President of Gruppo Waste Italia spa from October 2015 until June 2016. This holding company is listed on the Milan stock exchange and its subsidiaries are active in the sustainable energy and environment sector (agro-energy, Aeolian and mini-Aeolian district heating, photovoltaic roofing, and energy efficiency), particularly focused on internationalisation.

I have been member of the board of directors of Innovatec s.p.a. from June 2016 to June 2017. This company is listed on the AIM market of Borsa Italiana, working in the sustainable energies and energetic efficiency sectors.

From October 2016 to  March 2018 I was a member of the Green Power Group S.p.A. Board of Directors, a company listed on AIM ITALY, which operates in the renewable energy sector for the domestic market.

Since November 2017 I am President of the Board of Directors of Ambienthesis S.p.A., company member of Green Holding Group, listed at Milan Stock Exchange and the largest Italian private company  working in the enviromental field. From June 2017 I was Member of the Board of Directors in the same company.

Since April 2019 he is President of Ambienthesis Middle East DMCC.

Since January 2020 he is Deputy Chairman of B&A Waste Management LLC, UAE based joint venture company between Ambienthesis Middle East DMCC and Sharjah based Bee’ah, that is the leading company in environmental business and circular economy in the Middle East.

He also sits in the Board of Directors of several companies and since June 2021 he is Deputy Chairman at Confindustria Cisambiente, the Industral Association that gathers together all the companies working in the environmental protection business in Italy; he is also the President of International Affairs Department for the same.


Insegna d'Onore

May 2011

Merit Award of the Italian Army

Conferring of the Merit Award of the Italian Army as a Badge of Honour by the Ministry of Defence.

Ambrogino d'Oro

December 2006

Civic Merit Award of the city of Milan

for realising and managing events and exhibitions for the Comune di Milano with significant control of public spending

Real Estate Awards

2009 / 2010

Best professional real estate brokerage

Winner of the national competition for the identification of the trader or a company linked to the real estate brokerage industry.

Merit Award

May 2011

Italian Army Headquarters

Conferring of the Merit Award for spreading noble values in public opinion by the Italian Army Headquarters.

Hobbies and Sports

In my spare time I practise several sports: to me, exercise is a way of life.

I love playing tennis, a discipline I excelled in at a competitive level, when I was young. A racket and a pair of trainers can always be found in my luggage. I find that tennis grows the ability to concentrate and to elaborate useful strategies to face the friend you are playing against.

I’m extremely fond of running. This activity allows you to know deeply your own body. It also relaxes your mind and helps you think clearly about everyday problems. In 2008 I completed the New York City Marathon: a challenge that represents one of the most extraordinary moments in my whole life, in which I managed to surpass my limits thanks to the power of determination.

Because of football, perhaps the most social sport, I grew a lot of friendships. I don’t have enough free time to practise it regularly, nowadays, but I am always ready for a match among friends.

In winter I ski, too. This sport relaxes me, it brings some fresh air to my lungs, and enables me to enjoy our marvellous alpine landscapes. Not to mention the regional cuisine.

In regard to hobbies, my favourite is surely filmmaking. I would spend hours watching a good movie, preferably in a movie theater.My favourite film is “Gladiator”, followed by “Once upon a time in America” and Sergio Leone’s western cycle. About Italian movies, I find “La Finestra di Fronte” and “La Grande Bellezza” very sensitive and well acted. When it comes to TV, I watch series, newscasts and History related channels.

Moving on to football supporting, I am a fan of Milan and I try not to miss any matches, neither at the San Siro stadium, nor on TV. I also followed the team abroad during Champions League finals, and I can’t forget the ones in Barcelona, Vienna, Munich, Athens and, sadly, Istambul.

I spend a lot of time reading, when on holiday. One of my favourite books is “The Kite Runner”, and I’m also interested in biographies of significant historical figures.

Another thing I’m really fond of is travelling, which is a fantastic way to get in touch with other cultures’ customs and traditions.

The most thrilling challenge, however, is playing playstation video games with my son and trying, without success, to beat him.