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Vicesindaco Città di Segrate


I was Alderman and Deputy Mayor of Segrate as part of the Centre-Right Committee (the youngest representative) from 1996 to 2001 . My assignments as Alderman concerned the environment, social security, and cemetery services, and during this experience I promoted a series of initiatives aimed at the development the city.

My mandate was characterised by the remediation of abandoned sites, the increasing of separate collection (+22% compared to 1996), a landfill tax cut (-21% compared to 1996), the realisation of a functional waste collection centre in Rugacesio street, more thorough grass cutting and landscape services, and the organisation of prestigious conferences on environment and intense cultural and environmental activities in schools. The press has repeatedly underlined my numerous fights, side by side with the citizens, to reduce noise and air pollution caused by Milan Linate Airport (1996: 300 daily takeoffs – 1999: 150 daily takeoffs), and to give an end to the emission of malodorous gases coming from the materials recovery facility in Rubattino street

In order to fight against petty crime, I instituted a monitoring centre and a third night shift for the municipal police to guard more accurately the territory. I partook myself in the clearing of a trailer park and the processing of “Project Safety 2000”, the installation of emergency call boxes with cameras interconnected to a first responders control room. Moreover, I developed a coordination among the Prefecture, the Central Police Station and the law enforcement agencies as regards police intervention. Furthermore, I edited information booklets concerning Municipal Police and Women’s Rights.